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    Flameaura posted an update 11 months, 1 week ago

    I’m 17 but I’m still clueless; I don’t know a lot of things like how to post a letter, ride a bike, etc. And I’m jobless again due to inexperience and low qualifications…

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    • Please don’t feel bad @flameaura, I’m sure you will do great in life, keep learning and don’t give up, you will gain the qualifications and experience to better yourself, find something that gives you purpose, I know how you feel from personal experience, I’m 25 and still don’t know how to ride a bike either, stay positive and in the years ahead, you will overcome, you can do it, believe in yourself and never give up, make all your dreams come true, feel free to inbox me anytime if you want to chat or vent, stay strong, you are never alone :) (hugs)

    • I’m 21 and very inexperienced at life myself. Time will soon change all at once for you in the best way possible. Just give it a bit more time. If you ever feel like talking, please feel free to message me :)

    • @flameaura I’m 21 almost 22, never had a job and I had to drop from university due to health problems (going back this year though). Let me tell you in your teenange years and early 20’s your job is to grow as a person and figure yourself out. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself :) Life is hard sometimes but if you keep positive and believe in yourself trust me, you’ll find yourself . Also if you ever need someone to talk to feel free to message me