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    Flameaura posted an update 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    What do you guys eat when you have a cough/flu? What food do you avoid? Any special remedies?

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    • @flameaura Focous on citrines, like natural orange juice for example (or just a plain orange), truly helps healing. Also consuming honey in hot tea does wonders, specially if your troath hurts. And obviously drink ALOT of liquids, if possible warm, to stay hidrated and keep a proper sleeping pattern. I hope I helped

    • Avoid processed foods, along with fast food too. fast food has a lot of bad shit in it, and it makes you fat. but if you want a fat ass, then that’s cool, you’ll have something to twerk with. but yeah, drink lots of fluids like mariko said. it helps get rid of the congestion when you take a crap and prevents you from getting dehydrated.eat soft foods, not heavy foods. Good luck hermano.

    • Eating food in soup form is a good way of taking in nutrients. The other ones were already suggested, but it also depends on how you feel. If you get nauseated easily then you might need to take something for that (consulting a doctor beforehand of course). Hope you feel better soon.

    • @flameaura Coke is pretty good, doesn’t change taste when you are in the throat-pain phase, guess applies to most sodas. For the rest, I go with junk food and meds, focusing on the ones to slow down congestion so you can sleep at night.

    • Try to get some rest, drink lots of water and take some medicine @flameaura, I usually go with soup when feeling unwell, hope you recover and feel better soon, I’m always here for you :) (hugs)

    • I sleep a lot when I have the flu and I drink hot lemon juice. hehe :) I hope you feel better soon.

    • Thank you all @javi-soliz @silent-radiance @rinseandrep @oliver @youareenough! Didn’t expect to have this many replies! I think I’m getting better and I’ll continue following all your advice.