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    aireens posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    anyone here studying psychology? where d you guys usually find credible online sources for research and homework in general? ;u;

    for people who are going to school atm and feeling stressed… dont give up~we can all do it and we can reach the goals we have. goodluck everyone!

    • I’m sure you will find good resources, Google, Wikipedia, I know they are pretty standard places, just keep looking around and I’m sure you will find sources that will help you @aireens, do work as hard as you can, do your best and you will be successful, I’m always here if you need to chat or vent, inbox me anytime :) (hugs)

    • @aireens I agree with aprxl, definetly go for books. If you have a good library around you take a morning or afternoon and choose a couple of books, You can even take them home maybe and take some photocopies and then underline important stuff with markers. That’s how I passed my very hard History exam in 12th grade and also my literature exam in university. Use the things at your disposal.
      If you can’t find a good library or books, maybe you should go online ,probably to youtube, and search for opinions from multiple psychologists.
      I hope I helped a little a good luck darling for your research :)

    • My university has an online resource of research articles published in psychology. Your best bet for completely legitimate research is from direct research articles (primary and secondary). https://scholar.google.ca/ is arguably the best resource for these kinds of things, keep in mind google pays for access to a lot of exclusive research magazines that can be obtained free of charge from Google Scholar.

      Be careful with using typical psych articles because they often also rely on the writer’s interpretation of research data (and could be biased).

    • thanks oli~ :D
      but yeah wikipedia is not a reliable source unfortunately
      thank youuuu~

    • thank you ill definitely check them out! :D

    • yess libraries are helpful but since the psychology program is still developing at our university its still pretty limited esp with the journals and stuff :\ but ill still give it a go again! :D thankss~~!!

    • thank you! yeah its quite difficult to get a proper source esp with ”psych” blogs getting more acknowledgement :D