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    aireens posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    research topics anyone

    • You will find awesome topics @aireens, try to find something that you enjoy or that interests you, it could be anything like history or science, I’m sure whatever you choose that you will do great Aireens :) (hugs)

    • Do you have any particular area of interest for your research work?

    • initially i wanted to study about (non-experimental research) social anxiety but
      now im thinking about students depression coping styles …. i have these ideas but they seem to lack another variable to give it a meaningful point and something to make it unique

      i keep getting worried about not finding a research instrument or finding related studies and having our study be a given thing :(

    • hahaha thanks olii!!

    • Oh, My bad.
      I misinterpreted the meaning of the word ’research’ because we don’t have these sorts of assignments at our place. As for a topic similar to the ones you mentioned, you can look into John Hatties list of Visual Learning. It lists around 150 factors which can influence a students efficiency. You can bundle it up with a bunch of other stuff to discuss what all affects a students output and what all has little effect. I wonder if its appropriate as a research topic. Anyways, hope you find something you enjoy doing. Good luck.